Soyinka Condemns Buhari’s Reaction To Herdsmen Killings


Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has criticized President Muhammadu Buhari for his reaction to increasing attacks and killings by herdsmen in several states in the country.

Soyinka in an address to the National Conference on Culture and Tourism on Wednesday said he was shocked by the President’s claim that the attacks would soon be over.

He added that comments made by the President and the government fell short of expectation and did not provide any reassurance for Nigerians.

He said, “When I read a short while ago, the Presidential assurance to this nation that the current homicidal escalation between the cattle prowlers and farming communities would soon be over, I felt mortified.

“He had the solution, he said. Cattle ranches were being set up, and in another 18 months, rustlings, destruction of livelihood and killings from herdsmen would be ‘a thing of the past’. Eighteen months, he assured the nation. I believe his Minister of Agriculture echoed that later, but with a less dispiriting time schema.

“Neither, however, could be considered a message of solace and reassurance for the ordinary Nigerian farmer and the lengthening cast of victims, much less to an intending tourist to the Forest Retreat of Tinana in the Rivers, the Ikogosi Springs or the Moslem architectural heritage of the ancient city of Kano. In any case, the external tourists have less hazardous options.”

The Nobel laureate, who said the signs were already clear and the rampage of impunity was already manifesting a cultic intensity of alarming proportions almost a year ago, noted that the current violence and killings by the herdsmen would among other things hurt tourism in the country.

Despite the warning signs, he said the government failed to react with his attempt to utilise the Open Forum platform of the Centre for Culture and International Understanding, Oshogbo, to launch a national debate on the topic  – ‘Sacred cows or sacred rights’ almost a year ago also failing to take place.

The plan had been to invite Buhari to give a keynote address at the event.

The failure to react to the warning signs allowed the situation to degenerate beyond arbitrary violence, according to Soyinka.

He said, “It is not merely arbitrary violence that reigns across the nation but total, undisputed impunity. Impunity evolves and becomes integrated in conduct when crime occurs and no legal, logical and moral response is offered. I have yet to hear this government articulate a firm policy of non-tolerance for the serial massacres have become the nation’s identification stamp.

“I have not heard an order given that any cattle herders caught with sophisticated firearms be instantly disarmed, arrested, placed on trial, and his cattle confiscated.

“The nation is treated to an eighteen-month optimistic plan which, to make matters worse, smacks of abject appeasement and encouragement of violence on innocents.

“Let me repeat, and of course I only ask to be corrected if wrong: I have yet to encounter a terse, rigorous, soldierly and uncompromising language from this leadership, one that threatens a response to this unconscionable blood-letting that would make even Boko Haram repudiate its founding clerics.”

Soyinka, who said herdsmen were perhaps humanity’s earliest known tourists, said they must be thought about the culture of settlement and “learn to seek accommodation with settled hosts wherever encountered”.

“The leadership of any society cannot stand idly and offer solutions that implicitly deem the massacres of innocents mere incidents on the way to that learning school,” he warned.

“For every crime, there is a punishment, for every violation, there must be restitution. The nomads of the world cannot place themselves above the law of settled humanity.”

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Fear Grips Olatunbosun, APC As Fayose Returns From China


Indications emerged Sunday that the Ekiti State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC), lost coordination and orderliness in a get-together party held in one of the party stalwarts’ residence in Ado-Ekiti after the gathering got wind of the arrival of the state governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose from China.

Source closed to one of the participants confirmed that the Publicity Secretary of the party, Chief Taiwo Olatunbosun who was debriefing the gathering when the news filtered in, went pale and blank for minutes before regaining consciousness to proceed on his message.

“My friend was laughing profusely while gisting  me of the happenings today. She said though she has her reservations for Fayose, that she has never agreed with him for once on any national or state issue, but with the way everyone in the gathering trembled on hearing of his arrival today, I want to believe the man is a force to reckon with politically.

“It was one of our members who could not make it to the get-together that phoned in to inform the house of the governor’s arrival in the country while Hon. Olatunbosun was still holding the floor. You need to feel the atmosphere immediately everybody got the news, it was lost of coordination and control. Stream of consciousness went blocked as topic changed from national discussion to Fayose’s arrival,” reliable source disclosed.

However, Fayose, who said he remains committed to Ekiti development on arrival in the country, reiterated his commitment towards the development of the state.

He made this known as he touched down from China Sunday afternoon at the Muritala Mohammed airport; added that the  exposure garnered from  the trip  will be applied to the benefit of Ekiti people.

He promised to speak further on the trip in this month’s edition of ‘Governor Explains’, a monthly interactive programme where topical issues are analysed on the state media.

Meanwhile, some completed projects in Ekiti State are billed to be commissioned on Friday, 29th of April. Amongst the projects to be commissioned are Adunni Olayinka Women Development Centre, De-Head/Police Headquarter road, Awedele dual carriage road, Amphitheater in Ewi’s palace and so on.

Calling on Ekiti  residents to come out and grace the occasion which will have PDP leaders and governors in attendance,  Mr. Fayose added that the ground breaking ceremony of the Ekiti State  Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) secretariat will be performed same day.

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APC Crisis Deepens: ‘Don’t Recognise Me As Senate President,’ Saraki Dares Tinubu Ten Months After


In the mood of reacting to letters and making stands known on several burning issues revolving round the emergence of Senator Bukola Saraki of the All Progressive Congress (APC) as the Senate President, mainly on a comment made by the national leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in June 2015, that he won’t recognise Saraki as the Senate President, Sen. Saraki had given Tinubu the go-ahead to satisfy himself.

Saraki, who has refuted claims that he masterminded and formed alliance with senators from the opposition, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to emerge as Senate President, maintained that, after ten months of persecution from “enemies within” and unlimited intraparty leadership crisis, he owes nobody an apology over his emergence as the president of the senate.

Speaking on Saturday in Ilorin, his homestead and Kwara State capital, Sen. Saraki explained that the emergence of Ike Ekweremadu as Deputy Senate President was never a deal between him and the PDP as being speculated by his persecutors who were fond of demanding his (Saraki) resignation.

He said the DSP victory which swung in the direction of the opposition (PDP), was as a result of negligence on the part of senators from the APC who chose to abscond and attend a meeting elsewhere with unknown forces under the guise of party leadership on the inauguration day.

It will be recalled that the national leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu made an open statement on June 10, 2015 that he won’t recognise Senator Bukola Saraki as the Senate President, and that has escalated to plethora intraparty crisis within the last ten months.

Tinubu, in his reaction to the arrangement that produced Saraki as the President of the Senate last year said, “I will never recognise such a kangaroo arrangement that produced Bukola as the Senate President.”

He added that, “Or how do you want me to recognise a man who deliberately defied his own party because of his personal interest? It is not done anywhere.”

Reacting to these claims, Sen. Saraki said he had exercised much patience and tolerance to let the aspersions and opprobrium from Asiwaju Bola Tinubu go down to dustbin of history and channel better ways of reconciliation, but seemed Tinubu was up to something.

“Nigerians can bear me witness if I’ve ever reacted on these series of cheap blackmails and severe destructive criticisms for the past ten months of being in the public domain. I chose not to be disrespectful.

“Based on that among others, I’ve gone through hell of persecution called prosecution. I migrate from one case to another on daily basis courtesy of the political party I’m representing as the Senate President,” Saraki lamented.

He said his emergence as the president of the senate suppose to be appreciated by everyone within the party and not to be regarded as unworthy and undeserved by some selected few.

Saraki later admonished the national leader of the party, Tinubu, to allow peace to reign in the party, saying he sees Tinubu’s interests and signals in the overall crisis rocking the APC since his (Saraki) emergence as the senate president.

“No one gains anything meaningful in self- destruction; not even where you’ve invested much in politics. But if Asiwaju Bola Tinubu chooses to press harder on my emergence, I give him the pass to disregard my leadership of the house,” Saraki dared the lion of the bourdillon.

Early Delivery: FG To Submit 2017 Budget Soon, Says No Decision On Signing 2016 Budget Yet


The federal government has said that talks to reach a truce between it and the National Assembly on grey areas in the controversial 2016 budgetwere still on going and as such could not give a definite date to sign the approved copy from the legislature.

The government has instead set out the timetable for the submission got the 2017 budget, saying that the idea was to ensure early delivery of the document.

This came as the government also stated that there was no currency deal swap with the Chinese government.

The implication of the no-date-for-signing is that the hope of many Nigerians who were expectant that the 2016 budget would have been signed into law anytime soon had been dashed.

EFCC Faults APC, Makes Ekweremadu, PDP Senator Anti- Corruption Ambassador


Contrary to the usual claim by the All Progressive Congress (APC), that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had destroyed the economy of the country for good sixteen (16) years, the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu of PDP has Tuesday been decorated anti-corruption ambassador by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Ekweremadu said yesterday that if war against corruption must be achieved in all its ramifications, there was the urgent need for the establishment of Special Anti- Corruption Courts, saying the setting up of such courts would help reduce the burden on regular courts and fast-track trial of corruption cases.

According to him, setting up Special Courts was one of the surest ways to help in the fight against corruption, as that would also help ensure speedy adjudication of corruption cases.

He was decorated Tuesday in his office by a team of EFCC led by the National Assembly Liaison Officer, Suleiman Bakari

Ekweremadu said, “I have been an advocate of special courts for the trial of corruption cases and I believe that other countries, who have enacted laws establishing such, are not fools because there are benefits to be derived therefrom. The idea is to expedite trial to make sure that those who are involved in corruption matters will have their day in court.

“When we have special courts, just as we have the National Industrial Court, such courts will do better than they are doing now. The establishment of special courts is not just something that will be done by an Act of the National Assembly. We have to amend the constitution to bring it about under section 6, for the purpose of trying corruption cases.

While advocating for value reorientation of Nigerians at all levels, with a view to returning to values of the good old days, the Deputy President of the Senate also cautioned the EFCC to ensure that in fighting corruption, it must respect the rule of law and ensure that the provisions of the constitution regarding fair hearing and treatment of an accused are also respected.

While thanking the EFCC for decorating him as an Anti-Corruption Ambassador, Senator Ekweremadu assured he would live up to the trust reposed in him, adding that the National Assembly would do everything within its powers to ensure that the Bills before it, aimed at strengthening the fight against corruption, got speedy attention.

Earlier, leader of the EFCC delegation, Suleiman Bakari, appealed to the National Assembly to ensure adequate funding for the agency and advocated speedy passage of all the anti-corruption Bills before it.

In decorating Ekweremadu as an Anti-Corruption Ambassador, Bakari stressed: “It is therefore my Your Excellency, to on behalf of my Acting chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu and the entire management and staff of the EFCC, decorate you as an Anti-Corruption Ambassador and formally present this frame, as a token of our appreciation to your person and office, and as a symbol of institutional partnership between the EFCC and the National Assembly.”

Group Describes Segun Oni As Imbecile With No Electoral Value, Says He Needs Psychiatric Evaluation


“If any reasonable person will criticise the activities of Ekiti State governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, we want to believe it must not be an imbecile like Engr. Segun Oni, a man with no electoral value who because of personal vendetta deliberately threw caution and what appears like integrity in him to the wind to occupy the seat of Deputy National Chairman (South) of the All Progressive Congress (APC),” group blew hot on Segun Oni in Ekiti.

Reacting to Engr. Segun Oni’s publication on Gov. Ayodele Fayose in The Punch Newspaper, group under the aegis of Ekiti Youth Emancipation (EYE), condemned the former governor and APC Chieftain, saying he has no moral right to cast aspersions on his predecessor who coupled as successor to him (Oni) under any guise.

The group, through its Chairman, Com. Omotoso Babatola, told newsmen in Ado-Ekiti on Monday that, if Gov. Fayose truly needs spiritual deliverance as wrongly advised by Oni, then he, Oni, as a matter of urgency needs psychiatric evaluation to correct his reasoning faculties and reposition his emotional feelings to issues.

“When Segun Oni was governor here in Ekiti, we thought he has unprecedented integrity until he singlehandedly trampled upon the so-called integrity when he pitched tent with the APC ahead 2014 Ekiti guber poll, all in the name of paying Fayose in his own coin.

“It will be recalled that Ayo Fayose played a prominent role in how Engr. Segun Oni was unseated in 2010 by the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and since then he has not been on the good page of the former governor.

“The most pathetic story about Segun Oni and his lost integrity was read in online dailies few months ago where he justified how Dr. Kayode Fayemi’s administration scrapped the University of Science and Technology Ifaki-Ekiti (USTI) and The University of Education Ikere-Ekiti (TUNEDIK), which he established while in government.

“USTI was established in Ifaki-Ekiti where Engr. Segun Oni came from and was scrapped based on political vendetta by Dr. Fayemi. Not only that, Fayemi removed all portraits of Segun Oni from the state house and till date refused to address the imbecile “Dejo” turned vagabond and political harlot as a former governor. Who now deserves deliverance?, ” the group queried.

Ekiti Youth Emancipation however said, instead of appreciating the gesture of Mr. Ayodele Fayose, who returned the portraits of Engr. Segun Oni in the state house and also reinstated all his executive rights as a former governor, Oni was busy playing dirty politics all around to justify the Deputy Chairman position given him by the APC.

Ekiti: Olugbemi opens can of worms on Aluko, alleges he was brain behind the failed impeachment plot against Fayose

•••Says he is a political vulture, jobber, scavenger, parasite and academic fraud


Former Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Hon Dele Olugbemi, who brokered peace between Governor Ayodele Fayose and the embattled former Secretary of the PDP in the State, Mr. Temitope Aluko (aka TKO) during the March 8 dramatic truce meeting that dumbfounded the world in Lagos, today opened can of worms in reaction to Aluko’s allegation of perfecting the June 21 guber poll rigging in an hotel and alleged diversion of N5.2 billion refund for the rigging.

Olugbemi spoke on Ekiti FM 91.5 Radio station today, challenged Aluko to present himself for a traditional swearing to know who was saying the truth between both of them over the truce meeting.

Olugbemi said he has realised ‎that Aluko was a professional and unrepentant blackmailer using blackmail to earn living and that only gullible minds would take anything he has said serious.

“Once someone has turned himself into a political vulture, parasite, scavenger and an unrepentant traitor, there is nothing he cannot deny just to get a pot of porrigde. He is just like a chameleon. He would say yes in the morning, no in the afternoon and a combination of both yes and no in the evening”, the ex-Speaker said.

Olugbemi dropped a bombshell when he said that it was Aluko who initiated the failed impeachment plot against Governor Fayose with the APC lawmakers in the last state House of Assembly.

His words: “When I was the Speaker of the Ekiti House of Assembly, TKO was the secretary of our party, PDP. I have never seen a traitor like him in my life. He was the one who initiated and facilitated an arrangement with the APC towards using the House to impeach Fayose. He took me to Osun and Lagos for the arrangement.

“I refused to do this and that strained our relationship. But we resumed our relationship shortly after the end of our tenure as Speaker. When I discovered that he was always scheming against the governor and conniving with enemies to impeach him after about one and half year into this government, I decided to call him and advised him against his moves. I told him that in politics, there cannot be permanent enemies but permanent interests. I told him decamping to another party would not help, that as for me, I prefer to stay in PDP and demand for what is mine.

” I am so surprised that he could come out to denounce and rubbish with lies, a peace meeting I brokered between him and Governor Fayose. The CCTV camera has the details of all that we discussed with the governor inside the Eko Hotels. Aluko is a morally challenged, socially unfit and academically bankrupt person,‎ As an Ekitiman, I am totally ashamed of him. He has defaced himself, not Ekiti.

“Politics aside, no Ekitiman will subscribe to what he is doing. Even the people he is working for has limit they can tolerate him because whether he likes it or not, he has destroyed himself. Soon, he would sink into oblivion.

“But Aluko would deny all these because he has always been a Judas. As PDP secretary in Ekiti, he was on payroll of the APC for over a year and was working against his own party and towards impeaching the governor. Aluko is a morally challenged, socially unfit and academically bankrupt person. Only somebody like Aluko with no intergrity can go to Adaba FM station to tell all those lies purposely to satisfy his paymasters.

” Aluko, it was who had the ticket for the House of Representative but sold it to his Action Congress of Nigeria opponent, Opeyemi Bamidele to make that one emerge the member of House of Representatives then. ‎

“TKO is just a political jobber. He collects money from anyone and tells them what they want to know. He once went to Accord Party to negotiate. I know many of the people in the opposition that he has been collecting money from. He is a chronic debtor. I’ll still mention the names of those people if he continues saying those rubbish he’s saying.

” I call him an academic fraud because when he was lecturing with the Ekiti State University, he allegedly got admission for many candidates but they only discovered that he got fake admissions for them after four years when they were supposed to get graduation certificates. He has succeeded in destroying the lives of those people. He was asked to resign from the appointment of the institutions then.

“Those innocent military officers Aluko has implicated and made them to lose their jobs and career. Do you think those ones would just fold their arms? He knows he is in big trouble and that is why he is running from pillar to post. He no longer has electoral value and cannot even win in his ward.

“If institutions were strong in this country and if Aluko had been working against the an APC governor and not Fayose, he would have been in detention by now.”

Asked if it was fair for Fayose to ditch Aluko after using him to win election, Olugbemi said: “if you were in Fayose’s shoes where Aluko who was the secretary of the PDP in the state where Fayose is the head of the party and Aluko took the Speaker of Fayose’s government to a secret meeting where there was a plot to impeach the governor. And had also collected a jeep and huge money from a dealer and was also on pay roll of an opposition party plotting to unseat Fayose, would you still fulfill that promise and make Aluko your Chief of Staff?

“I don’t know about his agreement with Fayose on the issue of making him the Chief of Staff but I know that Aluko is doing all these he is doing, because the governor did not make him his chief of Staff.

” Fayose is a truthful politician and one who keeps his promises however long it takes, but he delights in his loyalists following his instructions to the letter and not work against him.”