Obasanjo: Apology To Nigerians Over Buhari; He Hardly Hears When Foreigners Speak


By Russell Bluejack

Dear OBJ, 
I think you made some salient points in your response,  but I think you yourself is part of our hydra-headed national throes.  You are right that Buhari is not sound in matters of the economy and foreign affairs.  It is only a fool that will doubt that; after all,  Buhari hardly hears when foreigners speak.  But, OBJ,  were you not the one campaigning for change in your wild bid to oust Dr.  Jonathan?  Can you honestly say that your Government was better than that of Jonathan’s?  Let me remind you of some atrocious acts in your government that were lucidly spooky in Jonathan’s.

First,  under you,  the office of the Senate President became a matter of loyalty to the office of the President,  as you continued to influence the impeachment of Senate Presidents, starting with Chuba Okadigbo,  until we had one the Senate so loved that you could influence them to impeach.  It was Sen. Ken Nnamani that was able to keep the Senate out of your reach.  Please, dear OBJ,  was Jonathan that meddlesome?  Whether you choose to agree or not,  Jonathan was the most NASS-friendly President NIGERIA has ever had.  His friendly ties with other arms of Government was borne out of his respect for the rule of law. You can see Jonathan was a better democratic president.  I am sure some of these comparisons sparked off your hatred for the phenomenal Jonathan.  Let us continue.

Second,  dear OBJ,  recall that under your rulership those that disagreed with you on principle were brutally killed.  The case of the late Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation comes to mind, as he was trailed home and brutally butchered by thugs.  Dear OBJ, is it possible to have a Minister of Justice killed like a hoi polloi,  common man? Where were the Police and security outfit in charge of his safety? Does it not show your complicity in the death of Bola Ige?  Under you,  OBJ,  Marshall Harry in Rivers State  was killed,  A.  K.  Dikibo was also assassinated.  Dear OBJ,  were you not the one that allowed the late Adedibu of Ibadan to kill his political opponents with unimaginable impunity?  Should I remind you how Odi indigenes in Bayelsa were killed in what we call the bloodiest genocide in Nigeria?  Who dispatched the army to a community because of few youths that were fighting for their right?  Let us go to the issue of corruption.

Dear OBJ,  you have said Jonathan was corrupt,  but you seem to have undermined the skyrocketing corruption that characterised your government for eight years.  NIGERIA choked from the interplay and tussle between you and your vice,  Atiku Abubakar, as both of you struggled to grab and run away with our national coffers.  I am sure you have not forgot how both of you accused each other over the operation of MOFAS and PTDF accounts.  Dear OBJ,  you know Ota Farm was moribund before you became President,  but became enterprising in less than two months after your swearing in.  Is anything more quintessential of corruption than that?  Recall,  Sir,  that you had less than twenty thousand Naira when you were freed from jail,  but became the owner of a private university and several billions of dollars in years. What else bespeaks corruption? Dear OBJ,  while Dr. Peter Odili held sway as Rivers State Governor,  you always visited our State because of the Ghana-must-go bags that left with you. If that isn’t corruption,  then nothing is.  Let us continue.

Dear OBJ,  should I remind you that you visited Rivers State several times to launch gas turbines that never worked?  Are you telling us that you did not know? What about Transcorp?  Is it not true that you and Atiku used Transcorp to acquire several private companies in the name of privatization? If that is not corruption,  then nothing is. Dear OBJ,  was it not under your reign that cultism became an acceptable trend in Nigeria,  as “Dey Gbam” and “Dey Well” brutal groups arose in Rivers State?  Please tell us what the NEEDs project was about?  You used the same NEEDs in the 70s,  as Head of State,  to acquire State properties,  one of which is the Ota Farm.  Dear OBJ,  it does appear that we cannot talk about you in any way without talking about the originator of corruption.  You seem to be the one responsible for the plunge this nation has taken since the 70s. 

Dear OBJ,  the only good thing about you is that you did not acquire oil bloc,  but that must have been due to the fact that you made so much money from petroleum,  since you were both the President and De facto Minister of Petroleum  who accounted to nobody.  You were President and Petroleum Minister for eight years without accountability  in that sector.  That,  itself, is the height of corruption,  Dear OBJ.  May God forgive you.  Someone this filthy is not qualified to condemn Jonathan.  When will you tell us what you did to Ajaokuta steel money? When will you and Donald Duke, former Governor of Cross Rivers, tell us what you did with Tinapa?  Your sins are too much,  OBJ. Should I talk about the immoral act perpetrated by you at home?  Do you still recall the incestuous act with your daughter-in-law?  What was your flimsy reason?  Oh,  it was spiritual rites! Are you not too dirty to be talking like Mr.  NIGERIA?  I dislike Buhari,  and it is my right to so do,  but not as much as I dislike and fear you,  OBJ!

Dr.  Goodluck Ebele Jonathan remains the best head that has become President of Nigeria.  His projects and sundry achievements are everywhere.  Rivers State has someone that is as hardworking as Jonathan.  The likes of Wike of Rivers State  and Jonathan are rare breeds.  Shame on enemies of good governance in Nigeria! May the Almighty God continue to put them to shame.  Amen. SCANNEWS(Copywrite)

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Fayose Condemns EFCC Over Arrest of Nigerians Without Trial


Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has frowned at the persistent harassment of Nigerians by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), describing the continued detention without trial of Mr. Warimopei Dudafa, a former Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and invasion of the Abuja residence of former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode as irresponsible, barbaric and undemocratic.

Governor Fayose said it was the height of executive rascality for the EFCC to have held occupants of Fani-Kayode’s residence hostage for eight hours despite that he was only invited to come to the EFCC office on Monday and there was no evidence that Fani-Kayode refused to honour the EFCC invitation.

According to the governor’s Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, “EFCC under President Mohammadu Buhari is acting as if it is above the law and Nigerians and the international community must remind the commission that we are in a democracy where rule of law is sacrosanct.”

The governor said actions of the EFCC have shown clearly that it is an instrument of victimisation against oppositions in the country, adding the anti-graft agency should go and study how other anti-corruption agencies in other countries behave.

He said; “the EFCC must be reminded of the judgement delivered in March, this year by Justice Yusuf Haliru of the Federal High Court in Nicholas Arinse Vs EFCC & Nigerian Army where the judge held that the EFCC did not behave as if we were in a civilised society and that the anti-graft commission was behaving as if we were in a military dictatorship, where they arrest and release person at will.

“In the case of the former Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs to ex-President Jonathan, no one is saying those suspected of corrupt practices should not be investigated and tried, but it is wrong for Warimopei Dudafa to have been kept in EFCC custody for over two weeks without trial.

“Also, it is a demonstration of barbarism for the same EFCC that invited Fani-Kayode to its office on Monday to have invaded his house yesterday, holding the occupants hostage for eight hours when there is no evidence that Fani-Kayode refused to honour EFCC invitation.

“Why the show of barbarism by the EFCC as if Nigeria is now back to 1984 when Buhari was a military dictator?”

While calling on the international community to pay attention to the abuse of rights of Nigerians and threat to democracy under President Buhari, Fayose said; “It is obvious that democracy in Nigeria is becoming unsafe in the hands of Buhari’s government.”

He said Nigerians must begin to ask the EFCC what happened to the several petitions written against APC leaders and financiers of President Buhari’s election, including former governors, adding that it was worrisome that the EFCC and the Department of State Services (DSS) have become President Buhari’s instrument of political victimisation.

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