APC Members Are Not Rogues Like PDP Counterparts – SGF Condemns Opposition


Engr. Babachir David Lawal, secretary to the government of the federation has revealed why members of the the All Progressives Congress (APC) will not be probed by the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

Speaking during an interview session with VANGUARD, Lawal said, “Let us be very sincere and reasonable. Obviously, to my mind, the preponderance of corrupt people would be in the PDP for one reason; they have been in government for 16 years and they were the only ones enjoying the booty, and they were doing it in a flagrant manner. Tracing my own (political) genealogy for instance, from ANPP to CPC and now APC, we were not getting anything.

“Nobody was giving us contracts. PDP were the ones in government; they were the ones the president was approving money for sharing; they were the ones that took government money to fund their election.

“This is the truth. APC had no access to government money to fund the president’s election. It got to a stage when PDP saw it clearly on the wall; you remember they even shifted the elections; it was so clear they were going to lose, and so they thought they could buy it.

“Throughout the last tenure of the Goodluck Jonathan campaign, their goodwill among Nigerians was on the decline and they were spending, and it got to a stage that they did not care about following the due process anymore because they thought they were in power and they thought they could buy their way through and remain in perpetuity.

“So, they became even careless about the manner they were taking the money. Remember Nigeria even borrowed $100million from the international market to fund the war on Boko Haram and they simply shared it. APC did not go to borrow anywhere. We were not sharing oil wells. We had no access to NNPC funds. So, if these agencies were converted into agencies for looting and pilfering, it is obvious that even if we had corrupt men in the APC, they did not have the opportunity to steal, and that is assuming we had. I cannot, in all honesty, say that all of us in APC are saints, but the truth is, we did not have access to funds to steal in the first place, and so we did not have opportunity also to reject the stealing. So, let them roast in their stew. Let them carry their cross.

“They can make all the noises and try to deflate APC, but our hands are clean by providence. Look, let us face it. If they arrest you, why don’t you say, ‘I shared the money with so and so persons’ and then let him turn out to be in APC?

“Those that they are arresting, it is from the interrogation that the information burst out. Let them leave us alone. This is just the beginning. They will return our money by the time we finish digging their soak-aways and bringing down their (overhead) tanks; we would recover our money.”

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Again: Ojudu, Falana, Akerele, Others Plot Another State of Emergency In Ekiti


Indications have emerged that the trio of Senator Babafemi Ojudu, Lagos based lawyer; Mr Femi Falana (SAN) and former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant who is now in the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Yinka Akerele are now working hand-in-hand towards foisting another political instability on Ekiti State by encouraging President Mohammadu Buhari to declare a state of emrgency in the State.

The trio of Ojudu, Falana and Akerele were the arrowheads of the 2006 impeachment of Governor Ayodele Fayose that was later declared illegal by the Supreme Court. The impeachment led to the declaration of a state of emergency in the State.

Sources said Ojudu confided in some of his associates last week that it will be difficult for the APC to return to power in the State in 2018 with Fayose still in office and that everything must be done to get the governor out before the end of 2017, even if it will require foisting anarchy on the State.

Ojudu was said to have been banking on getting the House of Assembly to impeach Governor Fayose initially but he met brickwall each time he made overture to any of the 26 members of the House of Assembly.

“The last straw that broke the camel’s back was what Hon Wale Ayeni did when Ojudu called him few weeks ago. Wale Ayeni put Ojudu on speakerphone for Governor Fayose to listen to all that he said and went further to release his call logs, showing Ojudu’s calls to the public. That jolted Ojudu so much that he concluded that it will be difficult to get Fayose removed through the House of Assembly, hence the emergency option,” a source said.

One of the sources said a retired army colonel from a State in the North West has been suggested to be appointed as Sole Administrator for Ekiti State in the event that the state of emergency option scaled through.

Ojudu, who is said to be interested in the State governorship position allegedly boasted that his position as the Special Adiviser on Political Matters to the President will be used to get the president to buy into the “state of emergency option.”

Another of the sources disclosed that another protest will be organised by the APC in the next few weeks in which not less than five people will be killed.

Those to carry out the attack on the protesters are said to have already been arranged and they were programmed to appear as working for Governor Fayose to distrupt the protest.

“The game plan was that the last Friday protest led by Mrs Motunde Fajuyi will be distrupted by Fayose’s supporters so that there will be choas. But it appeared the governor read their game very well and prevailed on his supporters to ignore the protest.

“Because of the failure of that protest to achieve its purpose, another one is now being planned. This time around, the attack will be carried out by their own people thinking that the moment people are killed, there will be breakdown of law and order and that will be an excuse to declare a state of emergency in the State.

“However, one major contraint that they have now is the National Assembly which must ratify the state of emergency before it can take full effect. Another constraint is who will be governor among the gladiators in the APC, especially Ojudu and Falana.

“Also, how to justify the emergency declaration is still a major issue because some of the close confidants of President Buhari are of the opinion that if state of emergency was not declared in Benue State where over 500 Agatus were killed by Fulani herdsmen, Niger Delta States where oil installations are being bombed and governors of the North Easten States of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe were not removed when state of emergency was imposed on the States, there may be no justification for imposition of state emergency on Ekiti State even if five people are killed during protest.

“Falana is already playing the Ekiti South Agenda card while Ojudu is of the opinion that Ado-Ekiti with the largest voting population must get the governorship,” another source revealed.

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I’ll Be Happy In Jail Than Yielding To FG Agenda, Saraki Dares Buhari, APC


Today we the leaders of the Nigerian Senate reiterate our innocence against the charges filed by the Attorney General of the Federal Government of Nigeria at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court on the allegations of forgery of the Senate Standing Rules document.

In our view, the charges filed by the Attorney General represent a violation of the principle of the Separation of Powers between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch as enshrined in our Constitution.  Furthermore, it is farcical to allege that a criminal act occurred during Senate procedural actions and the mere suggestion demonstrates a desperate overreach by the office of the Attorney General. These trumped up charges is only another phase in the relentless persecution of the leadership of the Senate

This misguided action by the Attorney General begs the question, how does this promote the public interest and benefit the nation?  At a time when the whole of government should be working together to meet Nigeria’s many challenges, we are once again distracted by the Executive Branch’s inability to move beyond a leadership election among Senate peers. It was not an election of Senate peers and Executive Branch participants.

Over the past year the Senate has worked to foster good relations with the Executive Branch.  It is in all of our collective interests to put aside divisions and get on with the nation’s business.  We risk alienating and losing the support of the very people who have entrusted their national leaders to seek new and creative ways to promote a secure and prosperous Nigeria.  As leaders and patriots, it is time to rise above partisanship and to move forward together.

However, what has become clear is that there is now a government within the government of President Buhari who have seized the apparatus of Executive powers to pursue their nefarious agenda.

This latest onslaught on the Legislature represents a clear and present danger to the democracy Nigerians fought hard to win and preserve.  The suit filed on behalf of the Federal government suggests that perhaps some forces in the Federal Republic have not fully embraced the fact that the Senate’s rules and procedures govern how the legislative body adjudicates and resolves its own disputes.

Let it be abundantly clear, both as a citizen and as a foremost Legislator, I will continue to rise above all the persecution and distraction that have been visited on me. In the words of Martin Luther King Junior, “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at a time of challenge and controversy”.

I will remain true and committed to the responsibilities that my citizenship and my office impose on me. Without doubt, the highest of those responsibilities is the steadfast refusal to surrender to the subversion of our democracy and the desecration of the Senate. This is a cross I am prepared to carry. If yielding to the nefarious agenda of a few individuals who are bent in undermining our democracy and destabilising the Federal government to satisfy their selfish interests is the alternative to losing my personal freedom, let the doors of jails be thrown open and I shall be a happy guest.

Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, CON
President, Senate of the Federal Republic

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Ekiti National Assembly Caucus Cautions EFCC Over Fayose, Warns Buhari Against Dictatorship


Members of the National Assembly caucus in both the Senate and House of Representatives from Ekiti State have cautioned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), against allowing itself to be used to intimidate or harass Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State by the Federal government.

The caucus unequivocally condemned the freezing of the bank accounts belonging to Ekiti state Governor by the EFCC, describing it as absolutely illegal, and an affront to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The release issued on Sunday and signed on behalf of the caucus by the Senate Deputy Minority Whip, Senator Biodun Olujimi reads; “our attention has been drawn to the freezing of the bank accounts belonging to Ekiti State governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose by the EFCC and we wish to state that the actions violates the constitution of Nigeria, which conferred immunity on the governor and the EFCC Act, which mandates the Commission to obtain a valid court order before bank accounts of anyone can be frozen.

“It is trite that the condition precedent to be fulfilled by the EFCC to fully exercise its powers as enshrined in section 34(1) of the EFCC Act, with effect to the freezing order on banks and other financial Institutions was not met. Ditto for the fact that for the court to make such an order, there must be papers (Court Process) filed in court and signed by a Judge.

“By the provision of section 308(1) (a) of the 1999 constitution (as amended), no suit can be instituted against any sitting Governor in any court in Nigeria. Therefore, no process of the court can be issued, signed or served against Mr. Ayodele Fayose, being a sitting Governor. Knowing fully well that the import of section 308 of the 1999 constitution (as amended), is principally to avert unnecessary distraction of any sitting governor and other beneficiaries of that section.

“As much as we are not against the anti – corruption crusade of the government or the investigation of corruption persons by the EFCC, we urge the anti-corruption agency to carry out its functions without political interference from any quarters, while the Federal government on its part, must eschew all actions capable of destabilizing the peace of any state, or threaten our nascent democracy.”

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FG Orders Court To Remand Saraki, Ekweremadu Over Forgery Scam, Opposes Release On Bail


The Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki and his Deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, were on Monday, docked before an Abuja High Court at Jabi over their alleged complicity in forgery of the Senate Standing Rules, 2015.

The two lawmakers took turns and pleaded not guilty to the two-count charge preferred against them by the federal government.

They were arraigned alongside former Clerk of the National Assembly, Alhaji Salisu Abubakar Maikasuwa and his deputy, Mr. Benedict Efeturi.

Shortly after the defendants entered their plea to the charge marked CR/219/16, the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP, Mr. Mohammed Diri, notified the court of FG’s counter-affidavit opposing release of the accused persons on bail.

Diri told the court that the counter-affidavit which was filed Monday morning, was still pending before the court’s registry. He therefore persuaded trial Justice Yusuf Halilu to stand-down the matter for an hour to enable the registry to transmit the process to the court for hearing.

Vanguard reports that FG, in its counter-affidavit, is seeking remand of both Saraki and Ekweremadu in custody.

Meantime, there is heavy security presence within perimeters of the court which shares boundary with the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, where Saraki is also answering to another 16-count charge bordering on his alleged false/anticipatory declaration of assets.

Supporters of the embattled lawmakers thronged the court premises in their numbers to observe the proceeding.

Earlier, armed security operatives barred photo-journalists from gaining entrance into the court premises, a development that led to protest by the journalists.

It took the intervention of lawyers to persuade the mobile police men to grant the camera men entry into the premises.

Specifically, the four defendants were alleged to have masterminded the usage of a bogus Senate Standing Rules, for the July 9, 2015, election through which both Saraki and Ekweremadu took over the leadership of the Senate. FG maintained that the defendants had by their conduct, committed an offence punishable under Section 97 (1) and 364 of the Penal Code Act.

The two-count charge which was okayed by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, SAN, read: “That you, Salisu Abubakar Maikasuwa, Benedict Efeturi, Dr. Olubukola Saraki and Ike Ekweremadu, on or about, the 9th of June, 2015, at the National Assembly complex, Three Arms Zone, Abuja, within the jurisdiction of this court, conspired amongst yourselves to forge the Senate Standing Order, 2011 (as amended) and you thereby committed the offence of conspiracy, punishable under Section 97 (1) of the Penal Code Law.

“That you, Salisu Abubakar Maikasuwa, Benedict Efeturi, Dr. Olubukola Saraki and Ike Ekweremadu, on or about the 9th of June, 2015, at the National Assembly complex, Three Arms Zone, Abuja, within the jurisdiction of this court, with fraudulent intent, forged the Senate Standing Order 2011 (as amended), causing it to be believed as the genuine Standing Order, 2015 and circulated same for use during the inauguration of the 8th Senate of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria when you knew that the said Order was not made in compliance with the procedure for amendment of the Senate Order.

You thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 364 of the Penal Code Law.”

More details soon.

Oodua Reporters.

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PRESS STATEMENT: APC Youths Caution Party Against Blocking FG Bailout To Ekiti


Youths in the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State, under the aegis of Ekiti APC Youths Congress (EAYC) have cautioned the party against any move that could prevent the State from benefitting from the Federal Government bailout Fund, which is aimed at assisting States that are unable to pay workers salary to do so.

The youths, who reacted to the alleged plot being spearheaded by some leaders of the APC in Abuja to stop Ekiti State from getting the federal government bailout fund, said it will be wicked for anyone to want the people of the State, especially the workers to suffer because of politics.

In a press statement issued in Ado-Ekiti on Sunday and jointly signed by Mr Tope Ogunkuade and Comrade Tunji Adeleye, Convener and Secretary respectively, the EAYC reiterated their advice to leaders of the APC to prepare for 2018 instead of wasting time and resources on Fayose’s removal, which has failed to materialise since 2014.

The youths said since Ekiti State Government had already fulfilled all conditions prescribed by the Federal Government to benefit from the bailout fund and the ultimate beneficiaries would be Ekiti workers, it will be unpatriotic for anyone to want to block it for whatever political reason.

They said not all government workers in Ekiti State were supporters of Governor Ayodele Fayose and the PDP and that if the workers were not paid; all residents of the State, including members of the APC will be affected.

Speaking further, the youths lamented that it was painful that because of APC leaders’ obsession for their “Fayose Must Go” agenda, they do not mind the effect this plot to block the bailout fund will have on Ekiti workers and the entire people of the State.

They advised that instead of going about attacking and plotting against Fayose and his government, APC leaders in the State should rather close ranks and present a common candidate that will confront whoever that will be presented by the PDP in 2018.

The youths, who also frown at the persistent deceit of members of the APC by the party leaders said, the leaders should stop deceiving the party supporters that Fayose will be removed.

They said the same story of “Fayose is going” has been told since 2014 that he assumed office and up till now, the governor is still enjoying his office and it should be cleared to all discerning minds that the governor will complete his tenure and if care is not taking, he will hand over to another PDP governor.

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Mass Defection Looms in NASS, As 42 of 58 APC Senators Back Saraki, Eye PDP


As the face-off between the legislature and executive
deepens, the senate caucus of the All
Progressives Congress has broken into two
factions with no fewer than 42 of 58 APC
senators tacitly backing the duo of Saraki and
Ekweremadu, and reportedly planning their ways to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

This followed a boycott of the press
conference by some APC senators expressing
support for the Buhari administration.

No fewer than 42 APC senators boycotted the
meeting resulting from the disagreement on
the recent actions taken by the Muhammadu
Buhari administration, especially the decision
to prosecute Senate President Bukola Saraki
and his deputy Ike Ekweremadu over
allegations of forgery of the Senate rules.

A press conference spear headed by members
of Unity Forum with the intent to condemn the
withdrawal of support for President Buhari by
their Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
counterparts, only 16 of the 58 APC senators
who are all members of the Unity Forum
attended the briefing.

DailyGlobeWatch also reliably gathered that
yesterday that some Like Mind Senators
threatened to dump the party if alleged
attempts by the presidency to muzzle the
National Assembly, especially the Senate,

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