N2.5bn Civic Centre: Ekiti Probe Panel To Summon Fayemi’s Contractors Through Newspapers

The Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up by the Ekiti State Government to look into the State finances under the administration of Dr. Kayode Fayemi will summon companies like Tianjin-Yuyang Construction Engineering Limited, CASA Nig Ltd and others through advertorials in national newspapers and other means, the Commission Chairman, Justice Silas Oyewole (rtd) ruled today. 
Tianjin-Yuyang Construction Engineering Limited, a Chinese company was awarded the contract for the construction of a New Civic Centre on August 30, 2012 at the cost of N2, 573,584,395.75 while consultancy on the construction was awarded to CASA Nig Ltd on June 11, 2012 at the cost of N137, 611,325.07.
A total sum of N993, 512,344.11, representing 45 percent of total contract sum was paid to the contractor as 2013.
At the Commission of Inquiry’s continued proceeding today at Magistrate Court 1, High Court, Ado-Ekiti, Mr Sunday Bamise, counsel to the commission said the commission encountered some difficulties in summoning most of the witnesses. 
The commission counsel said those companies like Tianjin-Yuyang Construction Engineering Limited, CASA Nig Ltd and Citadel Nominees Limited/Toyab Associates Joint Consultants should be invited by the Commission via national newspaper and other means. He mentioned names of the four witnesses who were available at the court.
The first witness, Mr. Adeleke Adefolaju, who is the Director of Budget in the state’s Ministry of Budget and Economy Planning, was led in evidence by counsel to the commission, Mr Bamise.
The witness presented the record of funds that accrued to the State within the financial years to include the Internally Generated Revenue, international donors, statutory allocations, among others.
The Director of Local Government Affairs, Mr. Samuel Akinjide Akinleye; a former occupant of the office, Mr. Sola Ogunmiluyi and the Principal Technical Officer in the General Administration Department, governor’s office, Mr. Shittu Rotimi tendered documents of furniture and vehicles procured and distributed in the year under review.
The documents submitted by Adeleke and the other three witnesses were admitted as exhibits. 
The commission proceedings continue tomorrow with cross examinations of all witnesses.


Akeredolu Shed Tears Over State of Indebtedness In Ondo State

Today’s ceremony marks yet another milestone in the history of political representation in our State. With these eminent men and women chosen to serve the State at this level, I fervently hope that the state service delivery system will be reinvigorated upon these appointments. I habour no reservations concerning the capability of the appointees to discharge the mandates entrusted to them.
Extremely conscious of the palpable excitement, dictated by this special occasion, I join members of their families, friends and all well-wishers to congratulate the new Commissioners and Special Advisers who have just taken up new responsibilities in this Administration. These appointments suggest recognition of worth by necessary deductions. This very reason also impels great expectations by our people, justifiably. It is, therefore, needless to remind these gentlemen and ladies of the arduous task ahead.
This is Ondo State, the land of the brave and virtuous. This is a geographical space richly endowed by nature. This is our collective haven; an impregnable fortress for the protection of the weak and the underdog, a place where everyone is held and treated as important. We are proud inheritors of this enviable heritage from our forebears. We are bold, yet not foolhardy, resourceful, pragmatic and hospitable, but far from being stupid. We show understanding, readily, but resist all attempts by the impetuous and naïve, who mistake the craving for collaboration for the much needed progress as weakness. We must remain consistent and resilient in the defence of this collective heritage.
I should, therefore, hasten to admonish that there is indeed little or no time for endless celebrations. These appointments must be seen as a call to service at this critical juncture in the life of our dear state. As our Administration renews its pledge to the people to be accountable at all times, there is the urgent need for rededication by all those who serve the public. We must encourage broad and massive participation of our people in the business of government.
Government and governance should not be stultifying abstractions, distant and disconnected from the service to which these modern concepts evolved to proffer. Those who lay claims to legitimacy of representation, as deriving from the people, must always keep their focus on this time-tested objective. Governance should not be reduced to a circus show; specious, ostentatious and profligate exhibition of inanities. Any decision or action of acclaimed representatives of the people must be an answer to identifiable socio-economic challenge. Elected and appointed public officials must subject their individual preferences to the collective will. Performance must be measured in terms of its positive impact on the people.
If development is about the people, all decisions and actions must be for the realisation of this lofty objective. Any opportunity offered for service must be understood in this context. Nobody must consider his/her choice, out of numerous other equally eminent candidates, as an invitation to primitive self-aggrandisement. This Administration will NOT permit it. Any conduct which seeks to perpetuate the misery of the people will be discouraged actively.
No appointment is “juicy”. Every ministry, agency and established public office is important. This Administration shall extend equal attention to all offices. It would be a mistake, with grave consequences, for anyone to act in a manner which negates decency and decorum. There will be zero tolerance for all acts considered unbecoming of patriotic indigenes of this State. We will simply NOT allow them.
As the ship of this Administration finally gathers steam to set sail, it is pertinent to acquaint the good people of this State with the true financial situation. We believe it is important that our people should possess this information. This must not be construed as politics and we plead with our media practitioners to subject this information to the crucible of serious scrutiny and analysis. The knowledge of true financial status of the State Government will guide and moderate the craving desires of all and sundry. Expectations of performance from the government must be anchored on reality. Government officials must bear this fact in mind, always. It will be easy for the people to show understanding when they know the truth.
The economic condition of this State is precarious, depressingly so. We expend virtually all allocations and the insignificant revenue generated internally on recurrent expenditure. The internally generated revenue is very low. The huge debts owed by the State have been worsened by infrastructural deficit on ground. Yet we strive to discharge our obligations to creditors whose exactions on our very poor revenue militate, significantly, against planning.
The government is looked upon as the major provider of succour to the people. Times are indeed very hard. Job creation is a cardinal policy of the Administration. We are not unmindful of the cynicism of our political opponents who believe that engaging our youths productively is a tall order. We are, however, convinced of not only the possibility of making this objective a reality, but our activities will erase the doubts as we progress. All hands must be on deck.
This Administration at inception met a staggering debt totaling N220,588,125,731.00 (Two hundred and twenty billion, five hundred and eighty-eight million, one hundred and twenty-five thousand, seven hundred and thirty-one naira).
The breakdown of this highly disturbing debt profile is as follows:
Internal Debt: N53,159,719,891.01
External Debt: N17,485,393,971.50
Unpaid Salaries and Allowances, Aug to Dec, 2016: N17,279,115,588.10
Unpaid Salaries and Allowances, Jan to Feb, 2017: N6,911,663,629.24
Ondo State Pension Liabilities: N4,800,965,850.00
Ondo State Gratuity: N15,043,537, 042.74
Unpaid Local Government Salaries and Allowances Aug to Dec: 2016 N9,320,568,782.41
Unpaid Local Government Salaries and Allowances (Jan. to Feb., 2017): N5,192,437,503.30
Local Government Pension Liabilities: N25,237,348,457.26
Local Government Gratuities Liability: N20,965,598,590.61
Contractors’ Liabilities: N39,740,423,934.76
Outstanding payment requests in the Office of the Accountant-General without cashbacking: N5,451,352,494.25
Total: N220,588,125,731.00
The breakdown of the Liquid Assets is as follows:
All Banks Balances: N7,236,594,630.36
Fixed Deposit/Call Deposit: N837,000,000.00
Balance in Bond Proceeds: N254,000,000.00
Fixed Deposit (OSOPADEC): N1,449,000,000.00
Portfolio Management Account: N180,000,000.00
Grand Total: N9,956,594,630.36
With a total inherited debt of over N220 billion, it should not be difficult for anyone to know that the government’s capacity for seeming elastic adjustment to cater for the people has been stretched to its limit. There is no gain asserting the obvious; our Administration is not in any position for frivolities. All of us must gird our loins for the great task ahead. The picture is not good. Therefore, all acts with the potential of pushing us deeper into economic crisis must be jettisoned. We earnestly promise to provide the needed leadership.
The Revenue and Expenditure profiles of the State from February-July, 2017 are as follows:
i. Gross Statutory Allocation: N11,633,201,277.00
ii. 13 percent minimal derivation: N103,274,011.82
iii. Exchange gain difference: N3,053,551,514.12
iv. Excess Crude: N2,119,281,611.13
v. Paris Club Refund: N9,100,753,451.27
vi. Internally Generated Revenue (IGR): N4,030,744,916.83
vii. Budget Support: N5,400,000.00
viii. VAT: N4,948,506,727.30
ix. Deductions by AGF: N158,757,495.48
T O T A L = N47,548,077,005.78
Salary of Civil Servants and Teachers (Feb.–Jul., 2017): N23,800,911,706.46
Subvention to Parastatals: N3,721,311,300.00
Gratuity, Public Debt Charges and 10% Grant to LGs: N6,521,343,387.70
Capital Expenditure: N4,296,447,137.87
Running Grants to MDAs: N1,069,544,486.00
Other Government Expenditure: such as payment for WAEC Fees, Assistance to Security Agencies, Boundary issues, Publicity and Special Days Celebrations, Trainings, Free School Shuttle Programme, Feeding of Special Schools and many others too numerous to list here: N3,694,310,315.65
Ad-hoc Staff of Hospitals’ Management Board (HMB): N230,250,427.91
Judiciary: N840,737,959.61
Grants to OSOPADEC: N2,337,027,015.25
T O T A L = N46,515,883,736.50
The balance of N1,032,193,269,279.99 is the unexpended Paris Club Refund reserved for capital projects from the last release.
Despite the challenges encountered by our Administration since assumption of office, we have approached governance with resilient determination. Paucity of funds has been a major encumbrance as explained earlier. To put out this quagmire, we have already commenced the process of re-engineering our Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) efforts which will soon begin to yield the desired results. The Administration has, however, been able to embark on projects which impact positively on the lives and general well-being of our people. We are beginning to register our presence in the consciousness of the people through our activities in virtually all sectors.
Imbued with the unshaken belief that an environment with a developed infrastructure is that which is ready for progress, we have been able to intervene to bridge the very wide gap in infrastructural deficit. Our Administration has constructed the following roads:
Abusoro-Ijoka Road, 1.2km
Iwalewa Road, Akure, 1.5km
Bajare/Okemayo Road & St. Joseph Road, Idanre, 3.0km
Jubilee-Ugbe Road, Ikare, 2.1km
3 no Big Box Culverts at Oyinmo, Ishakunmi & Megida Rental
Road, Ikare-Akoko.
Oke Alafia Road, Supare – 1.5km
Ogbonomo Street, Igbadara Street, Ajegunle Street & Howlet
Road, Ifon, 2.3km.
Sabomi Road, Ese-Odo, 2.5km
Police Station Road, Ore, 2.0km
10. Road Network in Ondo State University of Science and
Technology (OSUSTECH), Okitipupa
11. Gulf C Road, Ilara
12. Completion of multi-storey Engineering Building at the
Ministry of Works yard, Akure.
It is also gratifying to inform the distinguished citizens of Ondo State that our Administration has re-energised and paid money to some contractors engaged by the last Administration to make them mobilize back to site and continue work on the following roads:
the notorious Oke Alabojuto in Ikare-Akoko which has now been significantly reduced;
three Ondo township roads projects classified as Group II, Phases I and II;
Ikare-Ikaram-Ajowa Road;
a contractor has been directed to move to site at that deadly Iwaro Oka Hill because of the avoidable accidents that occur too frequently on that axis.
A section of Ondo – Ore Road that had failed completely at Asewele has equally been fixed by our new Administration. In a like manner, a section on Ore – Okitipupa Road that has equally collapsed is currently being worked on by the Direct Labour Unit of the Ministry of Works. The Street Light Project in Owo that had been abandoned by the contractor has been resuscitated by the new government by paying the contractor and the project has come upstream again. It is also necessary for us to make some clarifications regarding Akure Street Lights which service has become comatose. This is what we inherited. The generators providing the street lights have been breaking down too frequently due to old age. Our Government has already taken a bold step to replace the generators with new ones. Let me assure the people that the street light will become functional in a couple of weeks from now.
Renovation of our schools will equally commence before long as contracts for the renovation of some of them have been awarded under the multilateral scheme with our government paying N500m counterpart fund and the Federal Government paying its matching grants.
Agriculture promises to be a major booster to economic recovery in the State. This sector has witnessed unpardonable neglect in the years past. Any economic planning which does not take into account the very important role of agriculture is unrealistic. Beyond the usual cosmetic approach to the sector, our Administration has taken steps to encourage farmers. The youths are also being invited to shun white collar jobs and the unrealistic expectation of having the government provide employment even in over-saturated sectors. The embrace of farming is the way out of despondency.
Consequently, this Administration has disbursed the sum of N210,000,000.00 to farmers cooperative societies in the state under the FADAMA Scheme. The programme had been abandoned completely by the time we came on board. As a way of re-directing our system of agriculture, Mechanisation Centres have almost been completed in Owo and Akure while that of Ore will commence shortly. In addition, we have procured 1000 metric tons of fertilizer for the enhancement of farming. We are collating the data of farmers and youths in the state. We want to mobilise 35,000 farmers for the Anchor Borrowers Scheme. We have given approval for the registration of Ondo State Farmers Micro Finance Bank and have established a Poverty Alleviation Scheme in the State. We anticipate direct empowerment of 300 youths under the FADAMA GUYS programme, among others.
Our intention is to turn our dear State into a hub of socio-economic activities. We are determined to stimulate the economic space for the benefit of our people. The commencement of regular flights from Akure to Lagos, and continuation of Akure to Abuja has been a tremendous boost to the State. Businessmen and women, traders and all those who take investment seriously are trooping into our State with ease. Ondo State is indeed a veritable destination for investors. Air Peace Airline is making this possible. The transparent conduct of this Administration and its insistence on discharging its mandate sincerely and courageously make good things happen.
May I seize this opportunity to address the citizens of this state on the position of Ondo State Radiovision Corporation (OSRC). Government notes with concern the yearnings of our people to be kept abreast of its activities and strides through the state owned electronic media. Regretfully, the reality was that both the OSRC TV and Radio that were inherited by our administration were very weak and incapacitated by ineffective and comatose equipment. They are also bedeviled by dilapidated physical infrastructure as well as unmotivated staff whose competence and professional capability had become considerably weakened.
As a lasting solution, Government constituted a management committee consisting of experienced and tested media managers, to reorganize and reposition the organisations for optimum performance. It is my pleasure, therefore, to inform you that arrangements are in final stage to procure first class and ultra modern digital equipment and other accessories for the television arm to come back to life. To underscore government’s drive to bring the reforms to fruition, we are satisfied with the current performance of Orange 94.5 FM which now transmits rich, balanced and engaging news, entertainment and programmes content for 18 hours daily as against its previous six hours operations. Our ultimate target is a round the clock broadcast from the outfit.
We promised to make life more abundant for our people. We will continue to strive to keep that vow within the available resources. We can turn things around positively. We only need men and women imbued with the necessary patriotic zeal and determination to do things differently. I enjoin us to make our appointments impactful on the generality of the people in the State. We must approach issues touching on their lives with seriousness.
Once again, I congratulate you on this unique opportunity to make the difference in the lives of our people. I admonish members of families and friends of political appointees to desist from mounting undue pressure on them. They have been called upon to work for the collective glory of the State. This, to me, is a sacred social contract between them and posterity. They must be assisted to fulfill their destinies. Our people must be made to own the process of governance. If development is about the people, we should be able to assess the quality of our intervention in their lives.
May the Almighty guide and guard you in this onerous task of qualitative service delivery to our people.
Thank you and God bless you.
Long live Ondo State of Nigeria!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
I thank you for your patience.

​Fayose Cautions FG Over Plan To Make Hate Speech Treasonable, Says; It Is Plot To Silence Opposition

Ekiti Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has cautioned the federal government over its categorisation of hate speeches to act of terrorism, “This appears as another plot to silence the opposition and I make bold to say that saying the truth concerning the country and its rulers cannot be termed as hate speech.”

The governor, who accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the number one promoter and beneficiary of hate speeches in the country, noted that; “When the APC was looking for power, several provocative statements were made.  Nigerians are yet to forget President Muhammadu Buhari’s ‘the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood’ hate speeches and the threat by the APC to form a parallel government.”
In a statement issued in Ado Ekiti on Friday, by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose, who said he was totally against hate speech and will support any effort to curb it, added that it was important to caution the federal government on the danger inherent in the blanket categorisation of hate speech as treasonable.
He said “even if the APC government is sincere with its new found hatred for hate speeches, the APC government must first apologise to Nigerians for being the number one promoter and beneficiary of hate speech.”
The governor counselled that rather than blanket criminalising of hate speeches, the federal government should embark on reorientation of Nigerians, especially the youths on the consequences of hate speeches to the unity of the country and restore the confidence of the people in the government.
The statement read; “I wish to express concern over the pronouncement of the Acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo that hate speech will henceforth be treated as terrorism.
“While I am totally against hate speech and will support any effort to curb it, it is important to caution the federal government on the danger inherent in the blanket categorisation of hate speech as treasonable.
“I make bold to say that saying the truth concerning the country and its rulers cannot be termed as hate speech.
“I only hope Nigeria is not being systematically returned to the colonial days when the law of sedition was used to jail many of those who fought for our independence or the era of Buhari’s military regime when the notorious Public Officers (Protection against False accusation) Decree 4 of 1984 was used to jailTunde Thompson and NdukaIrabor, both of The Guardian newspapers for publishing what the government termed as false.
“Most importantly, going by the APC government’s use of the so-called anti-corruption fight to harass, intimidate, arrest and detain opposition figures, there is no doubt that categorising whatever that is termed as hate speech as act of terrorism is unconstitutional and an attempt to gag Nigerians, especially the press.
“It should therefore not be seen that since the use of corruption to harass, arrest and detain opposition figures is no longer fashionable, hate speech will now be another instrument of oppression to be used against opposition. 
“The questions that must be answered by the federal government are; what constitutes hate speech andwho determines it? Has the Presidency becomes law unto itself such that it is now the one to determine what is an offense and what punishment to be applied?
“From all intent and purposes, the Acting President pronouncement which is obviously not backed by any legislation is an attempt to provide reasons for an impending clampdown on opposition and Nigerians will resist any attempt to mortgage their fundamental rights to freedom of expression under the guise of hate speeches.
“When the APC was looking for power, several provocative statements were made. 

Nigerians are yet to forget President Buhari’s “the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood” hate speeches and the threat by the APC to form a parallel government.
“What can be more treasonable than these statements made by President Buhari and his party?
“It is also on record that during the 2011 election campaign, President Buhari’s inciting statement led to widespread violence by his supporters in the North after he lost. Over 1000 people were slaughtered in cold blood, including innocent National Youth Service Corp members.
“Therefore, even if the APC government is sincere with its new found hatred for hate speeches, the APC government must first apologise to Nigerians for being the number one promoter and beneficiary of hate speech.
“Also, rather than this blanket criminalising of hate speeches, the federal government should embark on reorientation of Nigerians, especially the youths on the consequences of hate speeches to the unity of the country while the confidence of the people in the government (at all levels) must be restored.”

​Fayose: Attacks On “Resume or Resign” Protesters, Height Of Dictatorship, Says; Buhari Must “Resume or Resign”

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has condemned the attacks on the ‘Resume or Resign’, protesters, describing it as the height of dictatorship and demonstration of intolerance to opposing views by the All Progressives Congress (APC) government.
The governor, who declared support for the call for President Muhammadu Buhari to either “resume or resign” said; “Nigeria can no longer afford a diaspora president or a president that is seen once in 100 days. If they say the President is now well, he should return to Nigeria or is Nigeria now in the hands of the President’s doctors?”
Governor Fayose said that he was particularly miffed by what he called orchestrated attack on the protesters at Wuse market, Abuja yesterday, adding that; “By arranging hoodlums to attack Nigerians who were exercising their fundamental rights to protest against the government, the APC government has shown that it has lost support and trust of Nigerians.”
Special Assistant to the governor on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, said in a statement issued on Wednesday that Governor Fayose told journalists that any attempt to silence Nigerians, especially those opposed to the APC government will fail, saying; “This country belongs to all of us, it is not the property of a few or a cabal who believes they can cow and subdue Nigerians, we will continue to talk. The president must either resume or resign; this is a clear statement. Who is afraid of the truth? Who is running away from realities?”
He said it was now more obvious that the APC federal government do not have anything in stock other than destruction of the country.
The governor, who maintained that demanding for the health status of the President was the right of Nigerians, said it was funny that armed policemen were available to protect those who protested in support of the APC government, but the same police attacked the “Return or Resign” 

He said; “Nigerians will recall that during the BBOG protest in the Jonathan administration, protesters sat on the road for days, nobody molested them. During the January 2012 fuel hike protest (aka #OccupyLagos, #OccupyNigeria), people freely expressed themselves and those in government today participated actively in the protests, they funded these protests. 
“Even President Muhammadu Buhari led protests in Abuja against PDP government. The President led protesters to the National Assembly to protest against the continued absence of the late President Umaru Yar’Adua from the country and went ahead to call for Yar’Adua’s impeachment. Then, no one was attacked by security men and hoodlums were not set after the protesters as was done in Abuja yesterday.
“It is therefore shameful that the same people who rode on the back of democratic principles to power are now standing against the rights of Nigerians to complain and the international community should pay special attention to the rule of brute force going on in the country.

“I salute the courage of this young people who have continued to say the truth that the president must resume or resign. If they are telling us the president is okay and fine, let him come home, let the doctors follow him here, we don’t want a president who is being introduced once in 100 days, the president we voted for must be accountable to us.
“Nigerians should vote against APC, never again should these people who I describe as power miss road control us again, thank you very much.”

​PDP South West Stakeholders, Reconciliation Committee Meets In Ado 

The PDP South West Stakeholders/Reconciliation meeting chaired by the Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose is presently ongoing at the Ekiti State Government House.  The morning session of the meeting addressed issues involving members of the Oyo State  Peoples Democratic Party. 

The second session which is expected to reconcile members from Osun State has proceeded into a closed door session. 

Former Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, former Osun State Deputy Governor, Senator Iyiola Omisore, South West PDP Publicity Secretary and Secretary to the reconciliation committee, Rev. Bunmi Jenyo, Ekiti State Commissioner for Environment, Otunba Bisi Kolawole, Chief of Staff to the Ekiti State Governor, Barr. Dipo Anisulowo amongst other leaders were part of the meeting. 

Governor Fayose in his welcome address said the mission of the meeting is to move the party forward and consolidate on the gains made at the convention. The governor who expressed readiness to bring back members who crave progress of the party promised to be fair and allow a level playing ground for all members to participate.

​Return Campaign Fund Collected From Jonathan, Ekiti APC Youths Tell Segun Oni

Some All Progressives Congress (APC), youths in Ekiti State, under the aegis of Ekiti APC Youths Congress (EAYC) have told the Deputy National Chairman south of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Segun Oni to return the over N500 million he received from former President Goodluck Jonathan to fund his rerun governorship election in 2009 before accusing anyone of corruption, saying it was the peak of political hypocrisy and immorality for someone like Segun Oni, who benefitted from corruption and injustice to speak against corruption.

The youths, who also advised Oni to resign from his position as the APC Deputy National Chairman if he was serious about his governorship ambition said it was politically immoral for him (Oni) to be in office as a member of the APC National Working Committee (NWC) and at the same time be parading himself as a governorship aspirant.
Reacting to Oni’s comment that Jonathan should apologize to Nigerians for his running a corrupt government, the APC youths said in a press statement issued on Monday, and jointly signed by Mr Tope Ogunkuade and Comrade Tunji Adeleye, Convener and Secretary respectively, that it was on record that Jonathan was the Chairman of Presidential Committee on Segun Oni’s rerun election in 2009 and he got over N500 million through the former President, who was the Vice President then.
The statement read; “Our attention has been drawn to comment made by Chief Segun Oni, asking former President Goodluck Jonathan to rather apologise to Nigerians for failing to fight corruption while in office and we wish to state expressly that he (Oni) does not have moral rights to make such comment.
“In 2009, this same Jonathan, who was the Vice President led Segun Oni’s rerun governorship election campaign and provided over N500 million for the election, which was eventually rigged for Oni and his PDP.
“Someone provided funds for your election, made sure the election was rigged in your favour and you enjoyed proceed of that corruption, yet, you are now accusing the same person of corruption? That is the height of hypocrisy and we the youths of the APC won’t condone such display of hypocrisy in our party.
“Oni will therefore have to first return the campaign fund he received from Jonathan before accusing anyone of corruption.
“Also, it is on record that Oni came third in the PDP primary before he was placed above the aspirants that came first and second. If he (Oni) has moral and integrity as being presented, why did he accept to benefit from injustice done to others? Why did he accept to be number one from number three?
“Most importantly, how can Oni be in office as a member of our party’s NWC and still be parading himself as governorship aspirant? If he has integrity, shouldn’t he have resigned as APC Deputy National Chairman before declaring his intention to vie for the party’s guber ticket?
“Oni should know that the fact that he got the position of Deputy National Chairman, which should have gone to our foremost leader, Otunba Niyi Adebayo, do not place him at any better position than other decampees in the party and the earlier he brings himself back to the fantasy land to the reality that this is APC and not PDP where number three can become number one overnight, the better for him.”

2019: PDP Will Rescue Nigerians From Dullards In Aso Rock -FFK

The former Minister of Aviation and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Femi Fani Kayode has vowed that the party will put an end to the reign of those he described as bunch of dullards in the Aso Rock under the platform of All Progressive Congress (APC) come 2019.
Reacting to the statement that PDP will never recover by APC, Fani Kayode said the party is back to change the change and rescue Nigerians from the hands of the tyrant who knows nothing about good governance.

In a tweet on Monday, Fani Kayode said,”The message is simple and clear:PDP is back and we will change the change.We hereby serve the APC notice:pack your bags and GO!”