Southwest Youths Declare Oduduwa Republic In Lagos

In view of recent events in the political space called Nigeria, we, the youths of Oduduwa republic occupying the geographical space called South West of Nigeria hereby categorically state without any reservation that we are sick and tired of the generational threats of the Igbo extraction of this forced union, to go their separate ways in what they call Biafra.
In this threat we were born, in this threat we’ve lived our lives and if care is not taken, in this same threat our children will grow up and give birth to their own children.
It is unfortunate that our fathers do not realize the enormous damage they do to our personalities and confidence by keeping quiet all these years making us look like the Igbos are doing us a favour by cohabiting with us, occupying our space, enjoying our resources and even to the point of dominating our political arena.
Without wasting time in going to the details of the issues, as the whole world knows too well where we are coming from, where we are and where we are likely to end up, we wish to make it abundantly clear that we shall no longer tolerate the madness of the Igbo region intimidating, harassing and defrauding the Yoruba nation with their empty calls for Biafra.
As from today, the 7th day of June 2017, any mention of Biafra again on our soil will automatically, without recourse to any other warning, earn the Igbos an eviction notice from all of the six states that form ODUDUWA REPUBLIC namely, for the avoidance of doubts, Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ondo and Ekiti.
We shall within three months of such act of agitation for Biafra do everything possible to chase the Igbos out of our land so we all can leave in peace and regain our dignity as human race.
If you are my wife or my husband and every morning you wake up, you threaten to divorce me, one day, no matter how gentle and loving I am, I will get tired of your threats and accept your proposal, that exactly is the stage we are now. But note that you cannot divorce me and still insist you want to live in my house or keep occupying my space.
You cannot divorce me and still insist on sleeping with me forever, it cannot just work. You divorce me, you go your way and allow somebody else who values me, who will not be abusing and cursing me everyday of my life to move in and occupy the space. It’s just common sense.
It should be noted that we are not by this declaration asking the Igbos to leave our space, however, the choice is theirs.
If you want to live within the ODUDUWA REPUBLIC, you must henceforth shut up, shut down your agitation for Biafra, respect us as a people, your loving and accommodating hosts and choose to live in peace with us, otherwise, any three months from the time you carry out any Biafra activity again, we will make sure you vacate our land.
The fact that our fathers have tolerated this nonsense for ages does not make all of us stupid, Oduduwa lineage is never a cowardly race, we only don’t react intuitively, even the Igbo race should know by now that everyone has been pushed to the wall and if you think this is an empty threat, we dare you to dare us.
We are using this medium also to call on all Nigerian citizens of Yoruba extraction living, working or sojourning in any part of the Southern region of the Nigeria to, as a matter of urgency, begin to make a relocation plan.
Home is home, nowhere else is better than home. Please do not allow this time bomb to catch you unawares.
Most of the people parading themselves as Yoruba leaders will not take any proactive steps now because their children and family members are not in any of those areas, they are rather scattered all over the US and Europe so be careful in listening to their assurances of nothing will happen.

Your destiny is in your hands, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere else but your life first.
In conclusion, we call on all political, social and religious leaders in Nigeria to prevail on the Igbos to either stop talking about Biafra or immediately begin to relocate to their country as we will not be held responsible for the consequences of their action or inaction henceforth.
This declaration goes for any tribe, region or group of people that cannot stand our gut on our soil. A word is enough for the wise..
Long Live Oduduwa Republic
The Secretary General



Dear Nigerians, I bring you good wishes from President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, who as we all know is away from the country on medical vacation.
Today marks the second anniversary of our assumption of office. We must thank the Almighty God not only for preserving our lives to celebrate this second anniversary, but for giving us hope, strength and confidence as we faced the challenges of the past two years.

Our administration outlined three specific areas for our immediate intervention on assumption of office: these were Security, Corruption and the Economy.

In the Northeast of our country, the terrorist group Boko Haram openly challenged the sovereignty and continued existence of the state, killing, maiming,and abducting, causing the displacement of the largest number of our citizens in recent history. Beyond the North East they extended their mindless killings, as far away as Abuja, Kano And Kaduna.

But with new leadership and renewed confidence our gallant military immediately began to put Boko Haram on the back foot. We have restored broken-down relations with our neighbours, Chad, Cameroon and Niger — allies without whom the war against terror would have been extremely difficult to win. We have re-organized and equipped our Armed Forces, and inspired them to heroic feats; we have also revitalized the regional Multinational Joint Task Force, by providing the required funding and leadership.

The positive results are clear for all to see. In the last two years close to one million displaced persons have returned home. 106 of our daughters from Chibok have regained their freedom, after more than two years in captivity, in addition to the thousands of other captives who have since tasted freedom.

Schools, hospitals and businesses are springing back to life across the Northeast, especially in Borno State, the epicentre of the crisis. 

Farmers are returning to the farms from which they fled in the wake of Boko Haram. Finally, our people are getting a chance to begin the urgent task of rebuilding their lives.

Across the country, in the Niger Delta, and in parts of the North Central region, we are engaging with local communities, to understand their grievances, and to create solutions that respond to these grievances adequately and enduringly.

President Buhari’s New Vision for the Niger Delta is a comprehensive peace, security and development plan that will ensure that the people benefit fully from the wealth of the region, and we have seen to it that it is the product of deep and extensive consultations, and that it has now moved from idea to execution. 

Included in that New Vision is the long-overdue environmental clean-up of the Niger Delta beginning with Ogoni-land, which we launched last year.

More recent threats to security such as the herdsmen clashes with farmers in many parts of the country sometimes leading to fatalities and loss of livelihoods and property have also preoccupied our security structures. 

We are working with State governments, and tasking our security agencies with designing effective strategies and interventions that will bring this menace to an end. 

We are determined to ensure that anyone who uses violence, or carries arms without legal authority is apprehended and sanctioned.

In the fight against corruption, we have focused on bringing persons accused of corruption to justice. We believe that the looting of public resources that took place in the past few years has to be accounted for. Funds appropriated to build roads, railway lines, and power plants, and to equip the military, that had been stolen or diverted into private pockets, must be retrieved and the culprits brought to justice. 

Many have said that the process is slow, and that is true, corruption has fought back with tremendous resources and our system of administration of justice has been quite slow. But the good news for justice is that our law does not recognize a time bar for the prosecution of corruption and other crimes, and we will not relent in our efforts to apprehend and bring corruption suspects to justice. 

We are also re-equipping our prosecution teams, and part of the expected judicial reforms is to dedicate some specific courts to the trial of corruption cases.

We are also institutionalizing safeguards and deterrents. We have expanded the coverage of the Treasury Single Account (TSA). We have introduced more efficient accounting and budgeting systems across the Federal Government. We have also launched an extremely successful Whistleblower Policy.

The Efficiency Unit of the Federal Ministry of Finance has succeeded in plugging leakages amounting to billions of naira, over the last two years. We have ended expensive and much-abused fertilizer and petrol subsidy regimes.

We have taken very seriously our promise to save and invest for the future, even against the backdrop of our revenue challenges, and we have in the last two years added US$500m to our Sovereign Wealth Fund and US$87m to the Excess Crude Account. This is the very opposite of the situation before now, when rising oil prices failed to translate to rising levels of savings and investment.

Admittedly, the economy has proven to be the biggest challenge of all. Let me first express just how concerned we have been, since this administration took office, about the impact of the economic difficulties on our citizens.

Through no fault of theirs, some companies shut down their operations, others downsized; people lost jobs, had to endure rising food prices. In some States civil servants worked months on end without the guarantee of a salary, even as rents and school fees and other expenses continued to show up like clockwork.

We have been extremely mindful of the many sacrifices that you have had to make over the last few years. And for this reason this administration’s work on the economic front has been targeted at a combination of short-term interventions to cushion the pain, as well as medium to long term efforts aimed at rebuilding an economy that is no longer helplessly dependent on the price of crude oil.

Those short-term interventions include putting together a series of bailout packages for our State Governments, to enable them bridge their salary shortfalls — an issue the President has consistently expressed his concerns about. We also began the hard work of laying out a framework for our Social Intervention Programme, the most ambitious in the history of the country.

One of the first tasks of the Cabinet and the Economic Management Team was to put together a Strategic Implementation Plan for the 2016 budget, targeting initiatives that would create speedy yet lasting impact on the lives of Nigerians.

Indeed, much of 2016 was spent clearing the mess we inherited and putting the building blocks together for the future of our dreams; laying a solid foundation for the kind of future that you deserve as citizens of Nigeria.

In his Budget Presentation Speech to the National Assembly last December, President Buhari outlined our Economic Agenda in detail, and assured that 2017 -would be the year in which you would begin to see tangible benefits of all the planning and preparation work. It is my pleasure to note that in the five months since he delivered that speech, we have seen tremendous progress, as promised.

Take the example of our Social Investment Programme, which kicked off at the end of 2016. Its Home Grown School Feeding component is now feeding more than 1 million primary school children across seven states and would be feeding three million by the end of the year. N-Power, another component has engaged 200,000 unemployed graduates — none of whom needed any ‘connections’ to be selected. Beneficiaries are already telling the stories of how these initiatives have given them a fresh start in their lives. Micro credit to a million artisans, traders and market men and women has begun. While conditional cash transfers to eventually reach a million of the poorest and most vulnerable households has also begun.

Road and power projects are ongoing in every part of the country. In rail, we are making progress with our plans to attract hundreds of millions of dollars in investment to upgrade the existing 3,500km narrow-gauge network. We have also in 2017 flagged-off construction work on the Lagos-Ibadan leg of our standard-gauge network, and are close to completing the first phase of Abuja’s Mass Transit Rail System.

In that Budget speech in December, the President announced the take-off of the Presidential Fertilizer Initiative. Today, five months on, that Initiative — the product of an unprecedented bilateral cooperation with the Government of Morocco — has resulted in the revitalisation of 11 blending plants across the country, the creation of 50,000 direct and indirect jobs so far, and in the production of 300,000 metric tonnes of NPK fertilizer, which is being sold to farmers at prices significantly lower than what they paid last year. By the end of 2017, that Fertilizer Initiative would have led to foreign exchange savings of US$200 million; and subsidy savings of 60 billion naira.

The Initiative is building on the solid gains of the Anchor Borrowers Programme, launched in 2015 to support our rice and wheat farmers, as part of our move towards guaranteeing food security for Nigeria.

All of this is evidence that we are taking very seriously our ambition of agricultural self-sufficiency. I am delighted to note that since 2015 our imports of rice have dropped by 90 percent, while domestic production has almost tripled. Our goal is to produce enough rice to meet local demand by 2019. In April, the President launched our Economic Recovery and Growth Plan which built on the foundations laid by the Strategic implementation Plan of 2016. The plan has set forth a clear vision for the economic development of Nigeria. I will come back to this point presently.

Another highlight of the President’s Budget Speech was our work around the Ease of Doing Business reforms. As promised we have since followed up with implementation and execution. I am pleased to note that we are now seeing verifiable progress across several areas, ranging from new Visa on Arrival scheme, to reforms at our ports and regulatory agencies.

The President also promised that 2017 would see the rollout of Executive Orders to facilitate government approvals, support procurement of locally made goods, and improve fiscal responsibility. We have kept that promise. This month we issued three Executive Orders to make it easier for citizens to get the permits and licenses they require for their businesses, to mandate Government agencies to spend more of their budgets on locally produced goods, and to promote budget transparency and efficiency. The overarching idea is to make Government Agencies and Government budgets work more efficiently for the people.

The impact of our Ease of Doing Business work is gradually being felt by businesses small and large; its successful take-off has allowed us to follow up with the MSME Clinics -our Small Business support programme, which has taken us so far to Aba, Sokoto, Jos, Katsina, and we expect to be in all other states in due course.

Let me note, at this point, that several of our Initiatives are targeted at our young people, who make up most of our population. From N-Power, to the Technology Hubs being developed nationwide, to innovation competitions such as the Aso Villa Demo Day, and our various MSME support schemes, we will do everything to nurture the immense innovative and entrepreneurial potential of our young people. We are a nation of young people, and we will ensure that our policies and programmes reflect this.

One of the highlights of our Power Sector Recovery Programme, which we launched in March, is a N701 billion Naira Payment Assurance Scheme that will resolve the financing bottlenecks that have until now constrained the operations of our gas suppliers and generation companies. Let me assure that you will soon begin to see the positive impact of these steps.

Our Solid Minerals Development Fund has also now taken off, in line with our commitment to developing the sector. Because of our unerring focus on Solid Minerals development over the last two years, the sector has, alongside Agriculture, seen impressive levels of growth — in spite of the recession.

On the whole, just as the President promised in the Budget Speech, these early months of 2017 have seen the flowering of the early fruit of all the hard work of our first eighteen months.

We opened the year with an overwhelmingly successful Eurobond Offer — evidence of continuing investor interest in Nigeria. We have also launched the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) 2017–2020, to build on the gains of last year’s Strategic Implementation Plan. And the implementation of our 2017 Budget, which will soon be signed into law, will bring added impetus to our ongoing economic recovery. In the 2016 Budget we spent 1.2 Trillion Naira on infrastructure projects, another milestone in the history of this country. Our 2017 Budget will double that investment.

That budget also provides for substantial investment to implement the rollout of Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones (SEZs), as well as our Social Housing Programme. The Industrial Parks and Economic Zones will fulfill our ambition of making Nigeria a manufacturing hub, while the Family Home Fund of our Social Housing Programme will provide inexpensive mortgages for low-income individuals and families across the country.

These plans offer yet more evidence that we are ramping up the pace of work; the work of fulfilling all that we promised. In the next two years we will build on the successes of the last two. We have demonstrated a willingness to learn from our mistakes and to improve on our successes. The critical points that we must address fully in the next two years are : Agriculture and food security, Energy, (power and Petroleum,) Industrialization and Transport infrastructure. Every step of the way we will be working with the private sector, giving them the necessary incentives and creating an environment to invest and do business.

Our vision is for a country that grows what it eats and produces what it consumes. It is for a country that no longer has to import petroleum products, and develops a lucrative petrochemical industry. Very importantly it is for a country whose fortunes are no longer tied to the price of a barrel of crude, but instead to the boundless talent and energy of its people, young and old, male and female as they invest in diverse areas of the economy.

And that vision is also for a country where the wealth of the many will no longer be stolen by or reserved for a few; and where the impunity of corruption — whether in the public or private sectors — will no longer be standard operating practice; a land rid of bandits and terrorists.

As citizens you all deserve a country that works, not merely for the rich or connected, but for everyone. And our promise to you is that we will, with your support and cooperation, take every step needed to create that country of our dreams.

We also know that this journey will of necessity take time. But we will not succumb to the temptation to take short-cuts that ultimately complicate the journey. We did not find ourselves in crises overnight, and we simply do not expect overnight solutions to our challenges.

The most important thing is that we are on the right path, and we will not deviate from it, even in the face of strong temptation to choose temporary gain over long-term benefit. As the President has summed it up: “The old Nigeria is slowly but surely disappearing, and a new era is rising.”

And so we commemorate this second anniversary of our administration with confidence and optimism. I firmly believe that we have put the most difficult phase behind us; and we are witnesses to the ever-increasing intensity of the light at the end of the tunnel. We ask for your continued cooperation and support, to enable us realise all our best intentions and ambitions for Nigeria. On our part We will continue to carry you along on this journey, speak to you, explain the challenges, and share our Vision.

And while we all daily pre-occupy ourselves with pursuing the Nigerian Dream — which is the desire to better our lives and circumstances vigorously and honestly — it is inevitable that grievances and frustrations will arise from time to time.

This is normal. What is not normal, or acceptable, is employing these frustrations as justification for indulging in discrimination or hate speech or hateful conduct of any kind, or for seeking to undermine by violent or other illegal means the very existence of the sovereign entity that has brought us all together as brothers and sisters and citizens.

Nigeria belongs to all of us. No one person or group of persons is more important or more entitled than the other in this space that we all call home. And we have a responsibility to live in peace and harmony with one another, to seek peaceful and constitutional means of expressing our wishes and desires, and to resist all who might seek to sow confusion and hatred for their own selfish interests.

Before I end this speech, let me ask for your continued prayers for the restoration to full health and strength and the safe return of our President.

I congratulate all of you on today’s commemoration of this important day in the democratic calendar our country. Nigeria is on a journey of greatness, and together we shall arrive at the destination of our dreams.

May God bless you all, and bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Osinbajo In Abuja Market: Confirms Fayose’s Agitations, Says Nigerians Are Truly Suffering

Acting President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has today Friday alighted at Garki Market in Abuja to confirm what Gov. Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State told him last weekend during the burial of Late General Robert Adeyinka Adebayo at Iyin-Ekiti, that prices of goods in the markets are no longer affordable and that Nigerians are really suffering.

The Vice President, who engaged several traders in the market, was reportedly confronted with series of pleas and questions as regard what the federal government is doing to alleviate the increasing poverty in the country.

While strolling round the market, the Acting President was noted to have agreed with the leadership style and populism concept of the Ekiti State Governor who visits market regularly to test the pulse of his people and which had invariably helped Gov. Fayose to remain relevant in the heart of his people.

He said, “It is really a good thing to adopt Fayose’s style today to truly know what and how Nigerians are surviving in this period of economic recession in the country.

“This visit has undoubtedly availed me the opportunity to see things for myself and it shall never go unproductive because the federal government under my leadership cannot afford folding hands till our compatriots will die of hunger and hardship.”

The Acting President later took to his Twitter handle to announce his visit to the market, saying; “I just stopped by at the Garki market, Abuja. This lady and I discussed some of the issues she faces in the sale of fish at the local market.”

Crisis In Presidency: Adesina Needs Psychiatric Evaluation -Babachir Fumes

Babachir Lawal, secretary to the government of the federation, has told reporters that the President Mohammadu Buhari’s Media Aide (Femi Adesina), who authored his suspension release needs serious psychiatric examinations before sacking the president himself from office.

He made this known while responding to questions from newsmen after his suspension release filtered into the public. He told the reporters to ask the “presidency” why he was suspended.

In an encounter with reporters on Wednesday shortly after his suspension was announced, Lawal stalled on all the questions he was asked.

Informed that his suspension was announced by the presidency, he retorted: “Who is the presidency?

The excerpts:

Reporters: Your suspension has just been announced. How will you react to the development?

Lawal: Who announced it?

Reporters: The presidency

Lawal: Then ask them, why are you asking me? Who is the presidency?

Reporters: Have you been informed of the suspension?

Lawal: By who? About what. What about you? Have you been informed?

Reporters: Yes sir.

Lawal: By who?

Reporters: By the Presidency sir.

Lawal: I have not seen it. I should have been given… I have not seen the press release so I cannot comment on it.

Reporters: It is currently trending online. Are you doubting the authenticity of the statement?

Lawal: I have not seen it.

Reporters: Tell us the outcome of your meeting with the vice-president.

Lawal: I am always here. I always meet the vice-president. I used to come here even before I was made SGF.

Fayose: Trump Sees Nothing Beneficial In Buhari To Have Invited Jonathan To Inauguration

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose, has  described the non-extension of invitation to President Muhammadu Buhari to attend United States of America President-Elect, Donald Trump’s inauguration as a clear signal that Buhari does not enjoy international relevance any more.

The governor, who said the 10 days vacation announced by the president could be to cover up the embarrassment, after all efforts to secure invitation to the inauguration failed, added that the development was a very clear signal that Buhari’s government will not enjoy tangible support from the new US government, adding that.

According to a statement signed by his Special Assistant on Public Communication and New Media, Mr. Lere Olayinka, Fayose said “there is no doubt that Buhari is not in the good books of the incoming US government,” arguing that Buhari’s  frequent visit to US during Obama administration and the romance was due to the tacit support given to Buhari by Obama to win the 2015 election with deception.

He said; “with Obama’s role in the emergence of President Buhari, it can be said that he (Obama) is a member of the APC in the diaspora.”

Fayose continued; “There is more to it that in an important event like the inauguration of a new US President, our president will be missing in action.”

The governor wondered why the same Buhari, who was a regular visitor to the US under Obama, is today not part of the historic inauguration of a new administration.

“No doubt, something is fundamentally wrong because if there is hope of a future  relationship between President  Buhari and the new US President, they would have been celebrating his inauguration and would not have allowed Nigerians to hear any other news apart from Buhari going to America.

 “Obviously, Buhari’s junketing to US that gulped $1 million per trip, has come to an inglorious end,” he said. 

The governor, who congratulated Trump for winning against all odds, like he (Fayose) won his own election in Ekiti in 2014, appealed to the new American president to do everything humanly possible to save Nigeria from the wanton killings and horrid human rights abuses of the Buhari administration.

He enjoined Trump to use his good offices to look into the daily killings in Nigeria particularly in Southern Kaduna where over 1,000 people were slaughtered like goats and buried in mass graves.

Fayose reiterated;  “The Southern Kaduna killings is a clear case of genocide that must be thoroughly investigated and unraveled. 

“To make matters worse was the bombing of the Internally Displaced Persons camp by the military in apparent desperation to cover up the corruption and mismanagement of affairs in the camp.

“We appeal to Trump to ensure that the voice of the opposition is not silenced in this country.”

Describing the emergence of Trump as the will of God despite human gang up, Fayose said that the opposition in Nigeria will work with the new American government.

Fayose also cited the reckless disobedience to court orders; the deliberate efforts to kill opposition and turn Nigeria into a one-party state; the intolerance of this administration which  is second to none,  victimization and hacking of opposition leaders’ telephone conversations under the guise of anti-corruption war; the bastardization of institutions of state such as the armed forces, INEC, Police, Department of State Security, compromising of a section of the Judiciary, and turning them all into jellies doing the bidding of the ruling party at the snapping of fingers are other possible reasons why Buhari was not invited to Trump’s inauguration.

He implored the new American president to put international pressure on the Buhari administration to restore true democracy to Nigeria.

“We however appreciate the non invitation of Buhari because that will give him the much needed opportunity to face the problems he inflicted on Nigeria, especially the IDP bombing, which left over 100 hapless Nigerians dead,” he said.

Fire Outbreak In Ekiti: Nigerians Hail Fayose As He Joins Operatives To Quench Inferno

Many Nigerians today hailed Gov. Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State for his responsiveness as he rushed to the scene of a fire outbreak at Strive Energy Petrol Station, Ijigbo roundabout in Ado Ekiti, the State capital, to join the operatives of the State Fire Services to put out the inferno.

Ekiti State government has therefore stopped Petrol Stations located within residential areas from further dispensing of petrol. The petrol stations are to henceforth, sell diesel and kerosene only.  

The governor gave the directive as a result of the fire outbreak today.

Mr Fayose,  who rushed to the scene of the fire outbreak and promptly mobilised men of the State Fire Service to put out the fire, described the incidence as unfortunate. 

He added that government would take urgent necessary decisions to avert future recurrences. 

The fire incidence, which spread from the petrol station to the nearby Mugbagba areas of the town before it was put out destroyed properties worth millions of naira but no life was lost.

​Afe Babalola Extols Adekola With Distinguished Award Of Excellence In Ekiti

The founder of the prestigious Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD), and the Aare Bamofin of Africa, Chief Afe Babalola, had during the 3rd Afe Babalola Day organised by the beneficiaries of the legal luminary on 12th December, 2016, applauded the outstanding performances and height of patriotism along public spirit observed in the federal lawmaker representing Ekiti South Federal Constituency 1 in the House of Representatives, Abuja, Hon. Segun Adekola.

This year edition of the programme, which recorded the presence of many top government functionaries across boards and also attended by the Ekiti born legal icon and Human Right Activist, Mr. Femi Falana, SAN, along other dignitaries of international standard, was celebrated on Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD) campus.

Receiving the award of the Distinguisged Representative of the Year on behalf of Hon. Adekola, his Deputy Legislative Aide, Hon. Ademola Olowolafe, acknowledged the recognition given the federal lawmaker and assured the good people of the state that the presence of Hon. Adekola shall be more felt as he (Adekola) remains resolute in giving back to his people the quality of what was given him that made him honourable.

Olowolafe, who lauded several achievements of Hon. Adekola so far, said “We never knew people were noticing the giant strides of Hon. Segun Adekola in Ekiti State until we received the notice of this award. It was a great honour which an average Ekiti person will describe as well deserved by Hon. Adekola.

“The award shows Hon. Adekola was truly always in the news as earlier described here today by some people. We are proud of him and we appreciate the organisers of this programme. It is encouraging. This award will serve as a call to do more and never to relent in doing good which had over time appeared to be his daily desire.”

Organisers of the 3rd Afe Babalola day portrayed Adekola as a performing honourable among equals and who has been evidently representing beyond condemnation, saying their search light had been on him for a while considering the tempo at which his activities were carried out in his constituency and the state.

“We took our last shot on Adekola the day he distributed over two thousand different school uniforms and other writing materials to indigent primary school pupils across Ekiti South Federal Constituency 1, Ikere, Ise/Orun and Ekiti Southwest Local Government Areas few months ago. It was highly unprecedented and we marked it.

“You will also recall that Hon. Adekola stormed the Erelu Adebayo Children’s Home at Iyin-Ekiti with all sort of goodies and gift items ranging from bags of rice, wheat, millet, beverages, noodles, drinks, and varieties of biscuits and detergents to one big generator to celebrate his 2016 birthday with the orphans.

“However, the above observations only assisted during our selections, but credibly, he has never reneged on his campaign promises and his effectiveness and proficiency as a legislator in the house cannot be undermined, owing to his usual appearances in the course of deliberations in the house. 

“Keenly observed, we have all noted him as one of the movers and the shakers in the house, whose relevance cannot be carpeted and whose voice cannot but be heard whenever the green chamber was in session. These attributes can be said to have caught our attention to have counted him worthy of this distinguished award as the best honourable of the year,” Afe Babalola Beneficiaries established position about Adekola.